Customer Success/Mi-Swaco

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Visualization reduces field service costs, Crosses Language Barriers


Mi-SWACO provides downhole tools to the Oil and Gas industry. Mi-SWACO has 210 offices spread across 50 countries worldwide and was experiencing extensive problems training and communicating complex procedures with foreign employees. Without costly translations to multiple languages, the non-English speaking field service representatives were unable to understand new product as quickly as Mi-SWACO desired, errors were common and service costs were skyrocketing.

Seth, a product development engineer, heard about QuadriSpace from a fellow engineer. He was able to easily download the trial and create a demonstration document using Mi-SWACO 3D models. This demonstration focused on solving the communication problems with global departments and management quickly saw the value in adoption. Now, QuadriSpace documents are included as an interactive supplement to the current assembly and disassembly procedures. The procedures are posted to an internal website and available worldwide. Every new communication includes an interactive 3D version of the procedure and in the near future they plan to eliminate the old process further reducing the costs of content creation. Mi-SWACO has offices all over the world and the powerful visualization capabilities of QuadriSpace help cross language barriers in a very economic fashion.

As QuadriSpace was used more extensively within the service organization, managers began to inquire about possible uses of QuadriSpace for sales presentations. Management uses the software to present product information for sales and marketing efforts.